Welcome to Wise Old Owl Designs, serving the greater Tampa and Suncoast areas for all your quality, affordable furniture needs.

Some pieces are recycled custom pieces, and others are a bit more refined. Either way, the furniture is hand made furniture for the home, office and commercial buildings.

Wise Old owl Designs will personally work with you to create furniture and other items that are unique, functional and comfortable. We don’t stop there though – we will make sure the furniture or items express your personality and your business brand.

See if you can spot our furniture all around the Tampa and Suncoast area.



The question is really why Wise Old Owl Designs for your furniture? The answer is really small. I guess I should say the answer is the small things to be clear. It is easy to drive to the big box furniture store and get some mass produced furniture at a decent price. however will you really get what you want, or are you settling for something not exactly what you want? In addition, the quality might not be there. You will notice the joints, the craftsmanship will not hold up under regular use. Now you are left looking for furniture again.

Wise Old Owl Designs works with you to get the right size and the right design to meet your needs and taste. It starts by understanding what you are looking for in the piece of furniture. I work up some sketches and get your approval. Once approved, I looked for just the right material to build your piece. Is this a reclamation project, an aged look, a finely polished piece, or something more modern and sleek? those are just some of the things I factor when we look for the right materials. Once the materials are selected, it is time to start building. I do not punch info into the computer and let machines do the work. I build the furniture the old fashioned way, with my own hands and tools. I will take an extra day just sanding wood to get it really smooth. Once finished with construction it is off to finishing. I make sure your finish is built to last with multiple coats to provide durability without losing the beauty of the materials used.

As you can see, this is more than just a career for me. I take pride in every piece of furniture produced and treat every piece as if it were going in my own home.


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